During the first edition of the Industrial 5G Conference visitors learned everything about 5G in high-tech systems, factory automation, industrial automation, robotics, production and wireless communication. 

A driving force behind Industry 4.0’s highly automated production processes is going to be 5G. Without a doubt, the high-speed data transfer capabilities of 5G wireless technology will also play a crucial role in the Dutch high tech manufacturing industry. From an environmental perspective, 5G improves on current boundaries by further reducing the use of energy and materials, while simultaneously increasing productivity – opening the door to a slew of new possibilities.

With the ability to perform near real-time smart-computing in the cloud, thanks to the low-latency connectivity, 5G is sure to invigorate industrial IoT. Especially in high tech systems development where competitors will be vying to sustain their position in the global manufacturing network from the points of productivity, connectivity and efficiency. The reach of 5G will have no bounds, affecting every company regardless of its size or the industry type.

This virtual event series offered a broad view on the challenges and opportunities ahead. Presentations at the event addressed the following topics:

  • Why will 5G be the standard for future production?
  • How will 5G contribute to higher precision and higher productivity?
  • How will 5G reduce energy by as much as 80 percent?
  • How will 5G help European, especially the Dutch, high tech supply chain stay competitive?
  • How can you ride this technology wave and what partners are there to help you?

The keynote speech (by Niels König from Fraunhofer IPT, on 2 February) clarified what it takes to pioneer 5G for manufacturing.


The online conference was divided into multiple sessions in 2021: 2 February, 2 March, 30 March and 11 May




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