Vibhu Sharma (Grai Matter Labs)

Autonomous vehicles: AI processors on wheels

Autonomous platforms are the emerging application for realizing self driving cars and robots. Deep learning based decision making coupled with sensing technologies is a crucial building block for realizing greater autonomy. Currently, most deep learning applications are hosted in the cloud, making them less valuable for timing critical applications. Grai Matter Labs is developing brain inspired spiking neural network compute engines consuming a fraction of the power and memory accesses, making it best suited for the edge AI kind of applications.

Vibhu Sharma is leading the product management of ultra-low energy AI processors for autonomous platforms at Grai Matter Labs. Previously he worked with STMicroelectronics, Imec and NXP Semiconductors both in research and business strategy roles. He has several US patents granted and filed in the broader area of the Internet of Things. He has an MSc degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and a PhD from Imec/KU Leuven in electrical engineering and he is finalizing his executive MBA at University of Cambridge Judge Business School, UK.

Vibhu Sharma

Grai Matter Labs