Simon Jagers (Semiotic Labs)

Combining AI and electric signals for condition monitoring

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used to solve big business problems. More often than not, the premise and promise is that machine learning technologies produce better results than humans do, replacing them in the process. These type of moonshot projects mostly fail. The application of AI should be aimed at enhancing human capabilities, taking an incremental approach, not completely replacing them. In order to create successful projects, businesses must focus on understanding the types of tasks AI can perform, and use business needs as a starting point for developing practical tools. In the maintenance domain, AI is used to engage with employees, the automation of physical tasks and gaining insights through data analysis. I will discuss how these technologies can be applied today, and how they can serve as a launching platform for future developments.

Simon Jagers is one of the founders of Semiotic Labs. By combining IoT sensors and machine learning algorithms, Semiotic Labs develops practical condition monitoring tools that predict when and why equipment fails. Jagers is a board member of the World Class Maintenance foundation and chairs the SUTO section of NVDO, the world’s largest society of maintenance professionals. He founded several IT companies before Semiotic Labs and has held senior commercial positions in leading IT companies such as Dell, Oracle and EMC (now DellEMC) as well as niche firms such as Raising IT and Cloud Management Professionals.

Simon Jagers

Semiotic Labs