30 March 2021

16:00 – 16:30 hours

Philipp Schulz (TU Dresden)

Industrial Radio Lab Germany – From academic research to industrial applications

The development of 5G is a major step towards establishing reliable wireless communications into industry. However, while research on 5G technologies continues, companies may still hesitate to integrate wireless networks in their industrial processes due to the lack of experience. By connecting four of the most influential wireless labs, the Industrial Radio Lab Germany (IRLG, https://irlg.eu) addresses both aspects. While pursuing cutting-edge research on industrial radio technologies, the IRLG aims to collaborate with companies in this process, e.g., by conducting joint research and/or measurement campaigns. Furthermore, the IRLG has a neutral advising role as it does not pursue own economic interests. In the talk, Philipp Schulz will provide an overview of the IRLG activities and show examples of collaborations with its partners.