2 February 2021

16:15 – 16:45 hours

Presentation Martin van der Pol (T-Systems Netherlands)

Flexible production with AGVs, 5G, Cloud and Edge

We see a constantly changing demand around our industry. Both from the market where products become smart and connected, and from the need to produce more efficiently and flexibly. Technology developments have never gone so fast, where we now also see a real acceleration in the application of new technologies.

5G is one of those new developments and automated guided vehicles is an application where 5G in combination with edge and cloud initiates a major change. Martin van der Pol will explain in his session which properties of a use case like AGVs change with a technology such as 5G. He will reflect on the paradox of how AGVs become smarter by making them dumber.

How will production become more efficient and flexible by means of AGVs, using 5G, Edge and Cloud and which customer problems and situations are addressed? Van der Pol will explain this from an independent integrator perspective and not from an AGV manufacturer or 5G mobile operator perspective.